This page is a place where I experiment with web languages. Yes, my code is horrible. And yes, you may scream at me for it.

Feedback and suggestions are always highly appreciated! You can do that on GitHub or via mail.

The website design is a hommage to the game OneShot. Previously, it was a hommage to Undertale. The old version unfortunately is beyond broken, so I can't link it anymore.

A huge thank you and lots and lots of hugs and love to Frigadae for making these awesome sprites of me... I seriously don't know how to thank him. He makes wonderful art, you should definetly check it out sometime!

See ya around!


About Me

Well, uhh... hiya! ... ohgodthisissoawkward

Since you most likely know me already, at least to a certain degree, I feel like this isn't really necessary, but I'll do this anyways.

So, the name's Niklas, I'm nineteen, and I live in Germany. I finished school with the Abitur in 2015, and I'm waiting for my admission to the University/College. Currently, I work as a so-called ZFA - that's a fancy way of saying dental assistant.

In the past months/years, I've obsessed about Undertale, and recently, OneShot. Yes, they're both video games. And they also affected me deeply. If you feel like you're trash like I am, then take this as my invitation to lie down and feel like trash together.

Aside from that, I'm still a massive (modded) minecraft nerd, and games like Terraria, and Astroneer are lots of fun to me too. I used to play lots of shooters... hell, I have more than 1400 hours in Counter-Strike. Regrets.

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