Welcome, traveller. I'll keep this introduction short, I promise.

This place used to be the landing bay for a puzzle race. I trapped myself in a dungeon, waiting for three travellers to solve all the puzzles I placed.

Even though the race is over, you can give it a shot, too!

There is a problem though. The passage to the second room was blocked a long time ago, and all remainders have withered away.

The other paths won't be in any better shape. Not even I can remember it entirely. You'll have to figure it out mostly yourselves. It will be a lot of work to clear all this debris. I will try my best to give as many hints as I can, but there are several lies hidden inbetween there. Don't fall for my red herrings.

Oh, by the way, here's a hint...

A-Z /its_so_simple...

Good luck, Traveller. Stay strong.

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