It is ??:??
The day currently has ?h ??m ??s left.

You could still...

play ?? games of Overwatch Competitive

play ?? games of CS:GO Competitive

write a ???? words long essay

* To get more information about the values, simply click on them.

* Since there are no usable values out there yet, we just made this one up.

* From personal experiences, it takes averagely 20 minutes to complete a game (where control points take the longest, and hybrid the smallest time)

* CS:GO Competitive can take up to 90 minutes - or, infact, 100. (see /u/3kliksphilip video on this topic)

* This would require only last-second planting. An average match clocks in at around 45 minutes.

* This value is based on the average typing speed of 41 WPM - Words per minute. Reminder, this is an average, you most likely won't meet the average.

* We stole this value from here.