4-1 | Security through Obscurity

Finally, you come across an information kiosk with a list of rooms. Of course, the list is encrypted and full of decoy data, but the instructions to decode the list are barely hidden nearby. Better remove the decoy data first.

Each room consists of an encrypted name (lowercase letters separated by dashes) followed by a dash, a sector ID, and a checksum in square brackets.

A room is real (not a decoy) if the checksum is the five most common letters in the encrypted name, in order, with ties broken by alphabetization. For example:

Of the real rooms from the list above, the sum of their sector IDs is 1514.

What is the sum of the sector IDs of the real rooms?

All valid sector ID's together result in

All the tasks have been provided by adventofcode.com. I only copied the task descriptions over to allow re-capping later, in case the tasks get lost.

My horrible code can be looked at on GitHub