3-1 | Squares With Three Sides

Now that you can think clearly, you move deeper into the labyrinth of hallways and office furniture that makes up this part of Easter Bunny HQ. This must be a graphic design department; the walls are covered in specifications for triangles.

Or are they?

The design document gives the side lengths of each triangle it describes, but... 5 10 25? Some of these aren't triangles. You can't help but mark the impossible ones.

In a valid triangle, the sum of any two sides must be larger than the remaining side. For example, the "triangle" given above is impossible, because 5 + 10 is not larger than 25.

In your puzzle input, how many of the listed triangles are possible?

Out of the list, ? are valid triangles.

All the tasks have been provided by adventofcode.com. I only copied the task descriptions over to allow re-capping later, in case the tasks get lost.

My horrible code can be looked at on GitHub