This project is just a useless gimmick I made so I can queue some music for the Discord Servers I used to lurk on.

Feel free to use it, I don't think the music selection will grow substantially though. Every song has to be manually approved and submitted to my MySQL Database. I don't want shitposts like 'It's the nutshack but every nutshack is replaced with two LinusTechTips videos' to crowd the table.

Yes, all songs are taken from a MySQL Table using Medoo - they're stored in JScript arrays after being called, so that I don't have to reload the page on each randomization. Loading the page might take some time, as it's only functional as soon as the 'Browse Library' - section has been fully loaded.

you tried Project Link

The project is currently down because of some reference error. I'll fix this some day, but it's not this day.

That's what I get for remaking my website...

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