As I'm starting to branch out into other languages, I am getting confused with the syntax from time to time. WHERE ARE THE SEMICOLONS?!

So, to help myself out, I made this small project. I want it to be a small refresher on how the syntax works, NOT a fully fledged tutorial - other sites are brilliant for this, like codecademy, learnpython, ... Too many to list them, really.

It's written as newbish as possible so that anyone can eventually use it to get a short refresher on the syntax and workings of the languages. It probably will have mistakes, since I'm still learning myself. Please don't sue me.

You Tried. Project Link

The usage should be self-explanatory, just click on the language you want to read.

If you want to contribute to this, or want me to change something, you can always make a new issue.

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